Mustaches for Kids Ottawa

12 Years of Growing Mustaches and Raising Money for Make-a-Wish

M4K 2017 was Another Great Year for Sweet Staches and Making Dreams Come Trues

December 3rd, 2017 by Brett Tackaberry

This year marked our 13th year growing and raising money for Make-a-Wish Eastern Ontario.  We raised $16,000 this year,  bringing our all-time total contribution to $258,000.

A mustache would be nothing without the upper lip:

  • Thank you to our diligent and dashing organizers: Mike Hollingworth, Trevor Kealey, and Brett Tackaberry
  • Thank you all our growers.  Each and every one is gem.
  • Thank you to all our donors.
  • Thank you to the Team and for matching donations.
  • Thank you to Steve Palmer for the sweet t-shirt design.  Steve is a co-founder of our M4K group and an all-around swell guy.
  • Thank you to John Kealey and Kyle Megill from Studio Nohands for producing our video.
  • Thank you to Funhaven for hosting our stache bash.